Stephen Hudecki


Allow me to introduce you to the unique qualities and skills I bring to address the needs of suffering and “searching” individuals.

I have a Master’s degree in spiritual care and counselling. As part of that education, I have adopted many of the tools that narrative and solution focused therapies offer. I have training in addiction studies.
I have post graduate education to help people who suffer with a mental illness and an addiction (concurrent disorders). I also have received training from Francoise Mathieu to work with individuals experiencing compassion fatigue (i.e., burnout).   
As  important as having specific therapeutic tools, though, a therapist brings his or her lifelong talents and qualities to a situation. You will recognize these within moments of talking to a therapist.  
I have been a musician for 31 years and worked with orchestras in Prague, Toronto, Vancouver and with musicians from across Canada (Bruce Cockburn, The BareNaked Ladies, Marc Jordon).
The music profession has allowed me to develop a keen ear for “listening” - to what is being said, to the silence between the words, to discord and harmony. I am also able use sound and music, at times, to achieve therapeutic goals. This is particularly helpful when words cannot reach the place of pain and suffering.
I have been exploring “mindfulness” and meditation for roughly 35 years and am keenly aware of the benefits of living a “mindful” life. I am also well versed in the challenges and dedication it takes to become “mindful”.
Our current culture has popularized “mindfulness” as an easy, “quick fix” to all of life’s stresses. Although mindfulness is “deceptively simple” (Susan Piver), it requires effort to learn to meditate to become mindful. My own experience tells me the challenge for an individual is to find a way to settle enough, to start a practice in becoming “mindful”. I can help you start that process.
I have been told that I bring a soothing voice, kindness and patience to any session I have with clients.  When I mix therapy with creativity and innovation, the process can be surprisingly pleasant. I invite you to give me a call and we can talk about what you need. I have an office where we can meet or we can walk and talk.  

Think about it.