Dr. Pradeep Kumar - or

Sister Tinh Quang -
Sister Tinh Quang is a Canadian Zen Buddhist Nun and a wonderful teacher of Meditation.

Susan Piver -
Susan has a simple and effective way of communicating Buddhist teachings and she provides an on-line meditation practice for beginners and experienced practitioners alike. 

This link is a good one for learning and practicing Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.

Sound Therapy:

Gary Diggins –
Gary is the internationally renowned originator of SoundWorks – the use of intentional sound/music creation for the benefit of another. He is my teacher and mentor.

Tribal Thunder designs, manufactures and plays handcrafted drums, percussion and wind instruments.  Founded by Oscar De Los Santos, Tribal Thunder is the where you can purchase the OSCAR Steel Drum.

David Hickey

David is a performer of impressionistic musical soundscapes who has toured right across North America many times. 


Sound Mind Therapies Downloads

Sound Mind Therapy Brochure

Sound Mind Therapy Poster



Teri Jaklin -
I have a room at this clinic.  It is like the perfect intersection of science and art together.


Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association:

This is the accrediting body for my Psychotherapy Practice.