One to One counselling


  • I provide care for:
  • Individuals who are experiencing a mid life crisis or life review
  • Individuals experiencing ongoing, complicated grief reactions
  • Artists and individuals who work in media (what inhibits your art?)
  • Individuals who have a mental illness (depression /anxiety)
  • Those wanting to recover from an addiction and their families
  • Health and social service workers experiencing compassion fatigue


Private Counselling Session - Information for Clients

I hope your time with me is worthwhile. This page gives you information about the private counselling I provide. If you have never had counselling before, it is important to understand that it will take time before you begin to feel some of its physical and emotional benefits. There is a period of insecurity you may feel until you and I get to know each other. If you stick with it, even the smallest changes begin to have a “ripple effect” influencing other areas of your life. For now, give yourself permission to use this time just for yourself.  

The Personal Health Information Protection Act (PHIPA 2004) supports your right to control how your personal health information is collected, used or disclosed. My personal and professional ethics and this Act require me to keep everything we discuss in the strictest of confidence. I will not be giving information about you to anyone unless you give me permission to do so. I have no objection, however, to your revealing anything you want to anyone you want about our meetings. I keep a written record of our contacts to help me stick to our goals. They are your property as well as mine. You may ask to read these notes, you may ask to correct information in the chart.  If you wish to communicate by email at any time, please discuss this with me first since your privacy cannot be assured through this mode of communication, at this time.

There is one exception to the law of privacy. It applies to me and all other professionals working in health care in the province. If you indicate to me seriously that you intend to harm yourself or someone, I may be required to take action to prevent that harm from occurring, including alerting the authorities and/or warning the person who is being threatened. My colleagues and I are also required to report any suspected child abuse.